A new method of outdoor cooking

Grillfox© is a new series of products designed by an enthusiastic team of young designers, engineers and gourmets who all have the same passion: cooking outdoors.

With their input we created a new series of innovative multi-functional garden ovens, which are characterized by outstanding quality, an attractive design and affordable price.

Pizza, bread, potato in foil, steak, sausages, vegetables and much more can be prepared in these ovens; either direct on the stone, in a pan, or on the stainless steel grill grid included. Surprise your guests with the authentic taste of a Pizza baked on wood or a steak grilled on charcoal.

Because of the double wall construction with insulation, the oven heats up very quickly, stays hot longer and therefore reduces the quantity of wood and charcoal needed.

Meat put into the hot oven immediately seals and stays juicy.

Grillfox© offers more safety as there is no open fire and the food is put on or taken off the stone or grill grid outside of the fire area.

All Grillfox products are TÜV/GS tested and approved.